Risk Advisory

Successful organizations recognize that risk can be a catalyst for competitive advantage. Through effective understanding and management of risk, these organizations can achieve full potential growth resulting in safeguarding and generating value for all stakeholders involved.

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Tushar Gupta

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Internal Financial Control (IFC)

We assist our clients in identifying key control points and provide recommendations for improving internal controls. Our team has expertise in designing, implementing and testing IFC frameworks that are aligned with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. We work closely with management to develop a customized approach to meet the organization’s specific needs and objectives. Our goal is to help our clients establish robust internal controls to safeguard their assets, prevent fraud and errors, and ensure accurate financial reporting.

Internal Audits

We conduct an independent review of an organization’s operations and internal controls, assessing their efficiency and effectiveness in achieving organizational goals. Our team of experienced auditors identifies gaps in internal controls, suggests ways to improve them, and ensures that they meet the regulatory requirements. We provide customized solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, and our audit reports are based on a thorough understanding of their business processes, risks, and controls. Our internal audit services help organizations to enhance their governance, risk management, and internal control processes, leading to increased transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our company offers process documentation services to our clients, with a focus on establishing robust internal controls. Our team of experts also evaluates the current processes and identifies areas for improvement in order to enhance the operational efficiency and performance of the organization. We specialize in eliminating outdated procedures and implementing effective solutions to address exceptions, ensuring that our clients can maintain their competitive edge in their respective industries.